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What is TechYeet?

TechYeet is a social-professional community for anyone in technology that wants to build connections and friendships through virtual and in-person community events.

TechYeet (founded by Jason Jaques) began with the idea to help people socialize again after the isolation of quarantine and Yeet ("throw") work by having fun and networking. But sometimes it's important to Yeet ("get excited") about tech too. Both definitions work for TechYeet!!

Thousands have joined the community since its inception and events occur frequently. Lunches, coffees, happy hours, golfing, hiking, skiing, and other activities allow the TechYeet members to socialize, share ideas, and sometimes professional and business opportunities ensue.

TechYeet is an invite-only community. If you are interested in joining, ask a member for an invite or reach out to one of the following community builders:  Kat Fox / Nicole Lawlor

Community Initiatives

Executives Club

A Community of Executives Collaborating and Helping One Another. This exclusive invite-only club within TechYeet is open to technology executives and those aspiring to advance their careers. A cooperative club that offers unique opportunities to participate in events, expand professional networks, offer and receive mentorship and coaching, access job placement support, and engage in other personal and professional growth experiences. To learn more, contact: Jason Jaques


This is for members of the TechYeet community that are looking for jobs or interested in helping others find jobs. As a community, we help each other. If you are interested, start by joining the TechYeet Meetup and attend one of the Jobseekers Support Group events.


The TechYeet Marketplace is an exclusive program for partnering with vendors, resellers, staffing agencies, and other selected companies. Through the Marketplace, partners are able to provide their offerings to the TechYeet Executives Club and the community. To learn more, contact: Nicole Lawlor


The TechYeet community is supportive of members that are planning for, or actively building startups. TechYeet is building programs that will allow the community to directly help the entrepreneur members of the community with their startups.

Volunteering and Charities

Giving back and helping others is a core value to members of the TechYeet community. Various volunteering and charity events are organized within the TechYeet community.

Women In Tech

Special events to promote communication and career development, share stories of inspiration and challenges, and connect as a community. To learn more, contact: Nicole Lawlor


+1 720 647 8190

Mailing Address

303 S Broadway, Ste 200-365

Denver CO 80209


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